Monday, January 15, 2018

Hummus On The Shelf

I spotted this product at the store and wasn't quite sure if I wanted to try it or not. Shelf stable hummus that you mix up yourself-"fresh hummus on demand"as the package states?
 It finally got the best of me and my curiosity won out.  I purchased the hummus but it sat on my shelf for awhile.  I was waiting for a 'hummus emergency'. I usually buy fresh hummus or make my own but if I ran out, I'd have my back up.  The emergency came and I opened the package. It comes with pureed chickpeas, tahini, spices and a little wooden stirrer.  You mix it all up in the container that it comes in.
 I bought the traditional style but it come in a few other flavors as well.  It does need to be refrigerated after you mix it up and lasts about a week in the fridge.
The verdict, it's good in an emergency but I don't think I'd buy it on a regular basis.  The taste was fine but not as good as fresh or homemade hummus and the price was a little higher for the convenience.    Have you tried it?
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Another Week (or so) In The Life

Here's another week in the life post, this one was leading up to Christmas.
 Venturing out to see the snowfall in the morning.
 Blogging in the morning, working on my lentil loaf recipe.
 Working at the campus store.
 Taking a dip in the hot tub.
 The was left on our car while at the mall "I am a pretty good person".
 Stopping at a giant Dollar Tree, they had SO many of these bins (I've used them here and here).
 Yogi tea.
 Dinner prep-Easy Black Bean/Lentil Burgers and Effortless Oil-Free Baked Fries.
 Editing photos from an engagement session.
 Shopping at Nordstrom, I loved their decorations this year!
 A fancy breakfast for a Thursday (tofu scramble & veggie sausage).
 Last day of school celebratory lunch and Miss High School's peppermint mocha.
 I discovered this yummy Trader Joe's good!
 Miss H/S started the holiday baking.
Nacho dinner by the fire.
I saw this decorate your own sweater kit at Home Goods, I don't see anything dirty about it. lol.
 We went to see this awesomely decorated house with our friends one night.
My friend and I went to a local theater's showing of the movie "Love Actually", it was so good on the big screen. The town looked so pretty when we left the movie.
I roasted veggies for our Christmas dinner veggie lasagna.  I could go for some right now!
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Letter Board Fun

I'm sure I'm behind the trend in letter boards.
I would see them on blogs and Instagram photos and I really wanted one for myself but they were too pricey for a decor trend.
 I found this one at Walmart for less than $10 and I was sold!
 I found the larger letters at Joanne Fabrics.

Having it up around the holidays was a lot of fun. 
 It's also a great prop for photo shoots.
Are you on the letter board train?
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

{The Abode} Small Space Bed Solution

 Even though Miss New York doesn't live with us, we still have most of her belongings in her "old" room for when she visits.
To see how the room last looked, click here
The room has built in Ikea cabinetry and it had an Ikea bed that fit perfectly in the nook the cabinetry created.  The bed was always difficult to make and was a real shin killer too (SHARP edges). It eventually broke and we needed a replacement.
 We looked for a futon but they were all too long.  I researched small sofa beds and most of them were twin beds, we wanted to keep the bed a full/queen.
 Ikea to the rescue with this Lycksele Lovas sleeper sofa.
It's a cute love seat when it's folded up and a full size bed when opened. There are a few washable cover options to choose from and we went with the Rasta white.  It fits perfectly in the cabinet nook and gives us lots more floor space.
Here's the view looking from the sofa bed.  There are mirrored cabinets on the other wall as well as a desk and shelves.
Even with the bed open, there's more floor space.  We added a feather mattress topper to the Ikea mattress and are able to use her old bedding on the new bed. What do you think?
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